Live Sauce

Made from our Clean Green Certified cannabis flower using organically-based farming techniques, the sauce is high in THC and features a wetter consistency.

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Live Resin

Made from our flash-frozen flowers to preserve the plant’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles, live resin is drier in consistency than sauce. Buy Raw Garden Live Resin

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Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds

Beautiful, potent diamonds created from the live resin we extract from our exceptional cannabis plants grown in Santa Barbara County. Raw garden live resin for sale

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Refined Live Resin™ Crushed Diamonds

Crushed Diamonds deliver the same power and purity you’ve come to expect from our resins

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Refined Live Resin™ THC Carts and Pen

Pure, Clean Green Certified™ Cannabis Terpenes and Cannabis Oil in convenient 510-carts.

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Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use

Pure, Clean Green Certified™ Cannabis Terpenes and Cannabis Oil in convenient Ready-to-Use pens.

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What is Refined Live Resin™?

We created a new cannabis product through an innovative process where we start with live resin, and then remove impurities like waxes, fats, and tannins, resulting in the aptly named Refined Live Resin™. All of our products come from single source fresh frozen flowers with no artificial ingredients or non-cannabis derived terpenes added.

  • 100% Cannabis Oil.
  • 100% Cannabis Terpenes.
  • No fillers.
  • No added flavors.
  • No additives.

Raw Garden vape cartridges are quality products filled with premium live resin. Their products can be found almost anywhere in California’s cannabis market. Here we review a couple of their strains. These were recently taken off of ourbest cartridges in California because the quality has degraded.

Raw Garden uses authentic CCELLs

Even though their carts are not expensive, they did not go cheap on hardware. All Raw Garden carts use CCELL cartridges, particularly the TH2. These have a glass body and a ceramic mouthpiece. These give a good kick in the hit that most the clones just don’t match up to.

Raw Garden cartridges use quality oil, great hardware, and are priced well

Raw Garden vape cartridges are some of the most affordable, high quality live resin carts in California’s cannabis market. Their concentrates are extracted from quality flowers grown by experienced farmers in Santa Barbara County.

The strains used for this review are Cherry Pop and Raspberry White. We could not find any detailed info on the Raspberry White strain, but it might be a cross between Raspberry Kush and White Berry. Cherry Pop is a sativa and Raspberry White is an indica.

Exceptional Quality Proven in the results

Pure, clean, natural. Our cannabis
extracts are always flavorful, potent
and consistent.

The quality of our raw garden live resin is second to none other on the market. We have been the top of the vaping industry when it comes to producing quality live resin and shatters. Our raw garden carts have won numerous awards in several cannabis competitions like the high times awards and many more. Buy quality raw garden cartridges from their official website to be sure of the quality of the products. Due to the popularity of our cartridges a lot of fakes are out there claiming to sell authentic raw garden carts. 

Please only make purchase from the official website. All raw garden products come in a white box unlike the brown common to most fakes. Our cartridges also have a QR code at the back of the box. Please scan these to verify the authenticity of the cartridges.



“All terps no excess plant matter. Raw Garden changing the way people get high!”